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IOT Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Instrument Set

Designed to provide efficient and repeatable direct anterior exposure.


The direct anterior approach allows hip replacement to be performed through a small incision with minimal disruption to the muscles and tendons surrounding the hip joint.  However, achieving adequate exposure using this approach is challenging.  Selected specifically to meet the challenges of the direct anterior approach, the IOT Anterior Approach Instrument Set helps provide efficient and repeatable exposure in this tissue-sparing procedure.

The complete IOT Anterior Approach Instrument Set includes the following:

  • Right and Left Ranawat
  • Sypert Bone Rongeur (8-mm jaw, 360-mm length)
  • MIOS Modified Hohmann (lever, curved) [2 per set]
  • Mueller-Type Retractor
  • Wilste-Gelpi Retractor (sharp 70-mm hooks, 280-mm length)
  • Corkscrew Femoral Head Remover with Hudson End
  • T-Handle with Hudson Adaptor
  • Canal Finder with Curved Starter Awl
  • Allis Forceps (5×6-mm teeth, 155-mm length)
  • Bone Hook (24-mm sharp prong, 248-mm length)
  • Jacobs-Vuls Forceps (straight, 2×2-mm teeth, 215-mm length)
  • Cobb Elevator (round-end, 19-mm tip, 280-mm length)
  • Hibbs Retractor (25×75-mm blade, 242-mm length)
  • Volkmann Retractor (4 prongs, sharp, 9×19-mm prongs, 222-mm length)
  • 3/4 Container with Perforated Lid (465x280x100 mm)
  • Wire Basket for 3/4 Container (405x255x70 mm)


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