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IOT XR Riser System

Improves efficiency by allowing a full pelvic x-ray without removal of perineal post.

IOT XR Riser System with Perineal Post

When installed on a standard US or EU surgical table, the IOT XR Riser System allows easy interoperative insertion of a standard 14” x 17” x-ray cassette without removal of the perineal post. Thus, full pelvic x-rays can be taken without re-positioning the patient, which is especially beneficial in computer-navigated direct anterior hip replacement without use of a C-arm.

Integrates easily into the OR

  • Compatible with US and EU surgical tables
  • Simple to install
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IOT XR Riser System integrates easily into the OR

Compatible with Kreuzer Leg Positioning Components

  • The IOT XR Riser Extension Rail is reversible for use on the left or right side
  • Provides complete solution for opposite (non-operative) leg holding and traction
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IOT XR Riser System campitable with Kreuzer Leg Positioning System

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