innovative orthopedic technologies


Product Number Description
PURIST Leg Positioning System
6883314 Traction Boot PURIST/OLH Sze Medium
6883360 Traction Boot PURIST/OLH Sze Small
6813100 PURIST Leg Positioning System
Opposite Leg Holder (OLH)
6813009 Opposite Leg Holder (complete, incl 6813042 and 32129850J)
6813031 Opposite Leg Holder XR Riser Deck (complete, incl 6813042 and 32129907)
6813042 Leg Holder Deck System (OLH without Extension Rail)
32129907 Extension Rail US/EU XR Riser Deck
32129850J Extension Rail US/EU
32129852J Extension Deck (26″)
32129849J 3-3 Ball-Heel Slider
6813036 Ball-Heel Adapter
6883314 Traction Boot PURIST/OLH size Medium
ARCH Leg Positioning System
32129266 ARCH Classic Leg Positioning System (incl Traction Boot size M)
6813010 ARCH Leg Positioning System (incl Traction Boot size M)
32115391 Traction Boot ARCH size Small
32115392 Traction Boot ARCH size Medium
32115393 Traction Boot ARCH size Large
32129794 Distance Holding Fork
6813017 Distance Holding Fork Adapter Kit
IOT XR Riser System
32129122 XR Riser Deck System size 5 (complete)
32130068 XR Riser Deck System size 6 (complete)
32130069 XR Riser Deck System size 7 (complete)
32129907 Extension Rail US/EU XR Riser Deck
IOT Perineal Post
32114902 Perineal Operative Post (POP) (complete, incl 32129451 and 32129267)
32129451 Buffer / Cushion for POP or XR Riser Deck
32129267 Adapter Sleeve for Buffer / Cushion (converts old style cushion to new)
Anterior Approach Hip Instruments
1000-00025 Ranawat Right
1000-00050 Ranawat Left
1000-00030 Sypert Bone Rongeur 8/360mm
1000-00010 MIOS Modified Hohmann Lever Curved
1000-00075 Mueller Type Retractor
1000-00040 Wilste Gelpi Retractor, Sharp, 70mm Hooks, 280mm
1000-00070 Inn-Fem Head Remover w/Hudson aka Power Cork Screw/head Extractor
SCC110-0630 T-Handle w/Hudson Adapter
1000-00080 Canal Finder (Curved Starter Awl)
1000-00060 Allis Forceps, 5x6mm, 155mm
1000-00035 Bone Hook 1 Prong Sharp 24mm, 248mm
1000-00065 Jacobs-Vuls Forceps Str 2 x 2mm, 215mm
1000-00020 COBB Elevator Round-end, 19mm,280mm
1000-00015 HIBBS Retractor 25x75mm
1000-00045 VOLKMANN Retractor 4 Prong Sharp 9 x 19mm, 222mm
C-211-100 3/4 Container Bottom + Lid Perforated, silver
TRAY-290-070 Wire Basket for 3/4 Container

The ARCH Leg Positioning System (also known as the ARCH Table Extension) is manufactured in partnership with JOSSI Orthopedics Ltd. of Islikon, Switzerland, and was previously manufactured (until 2012) by Orbiswiss AG.