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Blue Drape for OR DAA THA with Leg Positioning System PURIST

Anterior Hip Drape

The Anterior Hip Drape is designed specifically for anterior approach THR to enhance efficiency and patient safety. Its all-in-one design eliminates the need to use multiple drapes for complete sterile coverage.

Boot Liners

Designed for infection control and patient safety, these single-use, expandable foam liners adjust to the contours of both the patient’s foot and the interior of the traction boot, creating a more secure traction boot fit.

Black Boot Liners for infection control and patient safety
Custom Covers wrapping the Perineal Operative Post

Perineal Post Covers

Disposable, non-sterile perineal post covers provide quick, easy setup and increased infection control. 

Single Use Perineal Post Pad

Our disposable perineal post pad is designed with a firm inner core and a soft outer layer to provide the optimal combination of stability and softness. The anatomical cutout is designed to reduce pressure on the pudendal nerve and sensory network of the perineum.

Disposable Perineal Post Pad with anatomical cutout
Conact IOT
Single Use Pernal Post Pad
Peinal Post Covers
Boot Liners
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