Orthopedic Leg Positioning Systems

Swiss made

Our modular, compact orthopedic devices focus on easing anterior access to the hip joint for measurable, reproducible surgical positioning . We collaborate with both surgeons and the medical industry. 


PURIST Leg Positioning System™

The PURIST is designed specifically for anterior approach hip replacement. This next generation leg positioning system is designed to boost accuracy, efficiency, and surgeon control. Its quick setup, staff-friendly operation, and small footprint make the PURIST ideal for both hospitals and surgery centers.

ARCH Leg Positioning System™

The ARCH can be used for anterior approach hip replacement as well as femoral fractures. Since 2006, surgeons have relied on the ARCH for its wide range of positioning capabilities. Its patented design allows the leg to be maneuvered anywhere along the C-shaped track without altering traction.


Leg Positioning Systems 

For Direct Anterior Approach (DAA)

Hip Implant for increased efficiency during DAA
Practical for Ambulatory Surgery Centers and hospitals
DAA Traction table
Competitive Price Surgical Hip and Leg Positioner

Increased efficiency and accuracy during DAA

Ideal for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC's)

Compatible with any standard OR table

Competitive pricing

Digital OR

Precise femoral elevation 

Improved surgical workflow

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer (Houston, TX) walks through his femoral exposure procedure and femoral implant installation using the PURIST.