Innovative Orthopedic Technologies | PURIST & ARCH POSITIONING SYSTEMS


Innovative Orthopedic Technologies (IOT) develops and distributes specialty technologies for the orthopedic market, with a focus on innovative patient positioning devices and other surgical aids that fit seamlessly into the operating room environment. Our two main products are the ARCH Leg Positioning System (also known as the ARCH table) and the PURIST Leg Positioning System (also known as the PURIST table).


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PURIST Leg positioning system

The PURIST enables all the essential leg movements necessary for anterior approach THR. It allows the surgeon to precisely control the important functions rotation and traction intra-operatively and without help from non-sterile personnel and it facilitates easy and safe handling.

ARCH leg positioning system

The ARCH consists of a patented arch-shaped leg-positioning track with incremental angle and traction control. This unique, user-friendly design helps streamline procedures which require an anterior surgical approach to the hip.

Opposite Leg holder

The Opposite Leg Holder (OLH) provides counter traction and firm position control of the non-operative leg. With its modular design and intuitive functionality, the OLH allows swift installation on the side rails of any standard OR table.

Perineal Operative Post

The Perineal Operative Post (POP) provides hip and leg counter-traction for surgical procedures performed in the supine position. The device was designed for 450 N of traction and includes carbon-fiber components for x-ray transparency.


The MP XRAYCER is a tabletop accessory that improves surgical access and allows x-ray cassettes to be used with standard OR tables for full pelvic x-ray visualization during anterior THR.

Anterior Hip Drape

This drape is designed specifically for anterior approach THR to enhance efficiency and patient safety. Its all-in-one design eliminates the need to use multiple drapes for complete sterile coverage, and the clear section provides optimal limb visibility.