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Step-by-step-technique for anterior THA

Jump into the OR with Dr. Cooke

Step-by-step Guidance 

Duration: 1.26:44

Watch the full webinar covering the following topics:

  • 07:05 - Advantages of DAA

  • 12:11 - Learning curve patient selection 

  • 20:20 - Reasons for using a Leg Positioning System

  • 55:55 - Video technique with the PURIST Leg Positioning System including Set Up & Draping, Incision & Initial Exposure, Capsular Exposure & Femoral Head Resection, Acetabular Exposure & Reaming, Femoral Preparation & Broaching and Final Implantation.

Webinar: Total Hip Arthroplasty through the DAA and Video Technique with the PURIST LPS
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Dr. Cameron Cooke (Brisbane, Australia) shares his experience and covers every step of his anterior THA technique using the PURIST Leg Positioning System™.