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IOT Training Certification Program 

Welcome to the IOT Training Certification Program. We are glad you are interested in becoming a certified trainer of our equipment.  IOT users and trainers are divided into the three tiers shown below.

Level 1: IOT Equipment Users

This refers to medical professionals who operate the device in the operating room. Level 1 equipment users should know all information in the following documents. The Level 1 Certification Form can be used if necessary, but is not required.

1.     PURIST In-Service Summary

2.     PURIST Pre-op Checklist

3.     MP XRAYCER In-Service Summary (if applicable)

Level 2 Trainers

This refers to IOT employees and distributors who will be in-servicing Level 1 users on proper use of IOT equipment.  Level 2 trainers must meet all requirements outlined in the Level 2 Certification Form.

Level 3 Trainers

This refers to IOT employees and distributors who have the certification to train Level 2 trainers.  In addition to all requirements necessary to achieve Level 2 certification, Level 3 trainers must also meet the additional requirements outlined in the Level 3 Certification Form.


Reference Materials

Online Certification Tests and eSign Forms

You must pass the required tests to become a certified trainer. The tests are online. If you need access to these tests (initial test or retest request) please use the form below. eSign compatible versions of the Level 2 or Level 3 Certification Forms will be sent to your email when you request the tests. Once you have met all requirements for either certification level, please fill out and eSign the applicable certification form.

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