Perineal Operative Post 

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Adjustable support for anterior approach femoral exposure


Radiolucent sidebar for C-arm visualization

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Compatible with any standard OR table (US/EU/JPN/Denyer)

The IOT Perineal Post (POP) provides hip and leg counter traction for surgical procedures performed in the supine position. The device was designed for 450 N of traction, and provides simple and secure attachment to the side rails of US, EU, JPN, and Denyer OR tables.

The femoral support slides over the POP sidebar and acts as a fulcrum to lift the proximal end of the femur for optimal exposure during leg extension. There are three height settings available - allowing you to adjust the fulcrum point.


Unobstructed Visualization

Carbon fiber sidebar construction provides unobstructed visualization when using a C-arm. 

Unobstructed Visualization with Perineal Operative Post

Adjustable Femoral Support

Fine-tune your femoral exposure - slide the femoral support laterally, rotate to the desired height, then slide medially to lock it in place.

*3 height settings available

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Modular Design

Quick, easy setup and simple cleaning.

Modular design and quick setup Perineal Operative Post

Custom Covers Available

Disposable, non-sterile perineal post covers provide quick, easy setup and increased infection control. 

Perineal Operative Post custom covers
Perineal Operative Post IOT Innovative Orthopedic Technologies

Traction Design Load:

450 N


6.8 lb (3.1 kg)

Patient Weight Capacity:

500 lb (227 kg)