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Perineal Operative Post 

Perineal Operative Post Product Image

Adjustable support for anterior approach femoral exposure


Radiolucent sidebar for C-arm visualization

off table_4x.png

Compatible with any standard OR table (US/EU/JPN/Denyer)

The IOT Perineal Post (POP) provides hip and leg counter traction for surgical procedures performed in the supine position. The device was designed for 450 N of traction, and provides simple and secure attachment to the side rails of US, EU, JPN, and Denyer OR tables.

The femoral support slides over the POP sidebar and acts as a fulcrum to lift the proximal end of the femur for optimal exposure during leg extension. There are three height settings available - allowing you to adjust the fulcrum point.


Unobstructed Visualization

Carbon fiber sidebar construction provides unobstructed visualization when using a C-arm. 

CT image that demonstrates unobstructed visualization

Adjustable Femoral Support

Fine-tune your femoral exposure - slide the femoral support laterally, rotate to the desired height, then slide medially to lock it in place.

*3 height settings available

Perineal Operative Post with red arrows to demonstrate how adjustable it is

Modular Design

Quick, easy setup and simple cleaning.

Different parts of the modular Perineal Operative Post

Custom Covers Available

Disposable, non-sterile perineal post covers provide quick, easy setup and increased infection control. 

Perineal Operative Post with a custom cover
Features Perineal Operative Post
Perineal Operative Post IOT Innovative Orthopedic Technologies


Traction Design Load:

450 N


6.8 lb (3.1 kg)

Patient Weight Capacity:

500 lb (227 kg)*

*If the safe working load of the OR table used is lower than this, the OR table patient weight limit takes priority.

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