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 Leg Positioning System™

PURIST Leg Positioning System

Measurable, reproducible positioning for anterior hip replacement


Staff-friendly operation and small storage footprint – perfect for ASC's

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Compatible with your existing OR tables

The PURIST enables all essential leg movements for anterior THR in a condensed and efficient manner. It is built to perform independent DA THR movements on a graduated scale - and its enhanced design allows the surgeon to control traction and rotation intra-operatively with precision and without help from non-sterile personnel.


Its quick setup, staff-friendly operation, and small footprint make the PURIST popular with busy OR teams.


Combine the PURIST with any standard OR table to build a superior leg positioning system. 


Improved Surgical Workflow

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer (Houston, TX) walks through his femoral exposure procedure and femoral implant installation using the PURIST. 

Duration: 07:49

Surgical Pearls - Dr. Kreuzer
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Simple Setup

We know OR time is valuable. The PURIST can be easily set up with any OR table at your facility.
Duration: 03.40