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Leg Positioning System™

Features ARCH
ARCH Leg Positioning System™

Measurable, reproducible positioning for anterior hip replacement and femoral fractures

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A leading solution in the US since 2006

Compatible with your existing OR tables

A leading solution for surgical access to the anterior hip, the ARCH Leg Positioning System (also known as the ARCH table) has been used in the US since 2006 to assist with direct anterior hip replacement and femoral fractures. The free-standing design allows quick set-up and easy C-arm access with any OR table. The system consists of a patented arch-shaped leg-positioning track with incremental angle and traction control.


Meticulous Positioning

Independent traction, rotation, extension, and adduction controls allow precise positioning of the operative leg and femur. 

Close Up of the ARCH LPS for accurate positioning.

Constant Traction Design

The patented arc-shaped track aligns with the rotational center of the hip joint, allowing the operative leg to be moved anywhere within the hemisphere shown – without altering traction.

ARCH arc-shaped track for flexible leg movement

Incremental Extension Control 

Each sliding carriage position adds an additional 5° of leg extension, allowing the surgeon to carefully release the necessary soft tissues before fully extending the leg all the way down to the floor.

Incremental Extension Control ARCH Leg Positioning System

Durable and Robust

The stainless steal construction and fixed, arc-shaped track firmly hold the operative leg in position for the most demanding positioning requirements.

Stainless steal construction Leg Positioning System ARCH

Improved OR Efficiency

Transform your standard OR table into a dedicated orthopedic positioning system for anterior hip replacements and femoral fracture work.

ARCH Leg Positioning System (side perspective of product)

“I prefer the ARCH to the Hana/ProFx table because it provides precise and graduated positioning”

Steven L. Myerthall, MD (USA)

Surgeons Testimonial about ARCH


Dr. Stefan Kreuzer (Houston, TX) describes how he uses the ARCH to expose the femur during anterior hip replacement.

Duration: 01.47

Femoral Exposure Movements

Femoral Exposure Movements
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This video covers everything you need to know in detail.

Duration: 13.25