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Opposite Leg Holder


Precise positioning of the non-operative leg during anterior hip replacement

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Fully adjustable for various leg lengths

Compatible with any standard OR table (US/EU/JPN/Denyer)

The Opposite Leg Holder (OLH) provides counter traction and firm position control of the non-operative leg. With its modular design and intuitive functionality, the opposite leg holder allows swift installation on the side rails of any standard US, EU, JPN, or Denyer OR table.


Accurate Leg Length Comparison

The Opposite Leg Holder enables identical positioning of the non-operative and operative legs for accurate intraoperative leg length and hip joint comparison. 

Accurate Leg Length Comparison with Opposite Leg Holder

Limited Pelvic Tilt

Stable positioning of the non-operative leg reduces pelvic tilt when applying traction to the operative leg.

Limited Pelvic Tilt Opposite Leg Holder

Intuitive Design

The ball heel slider allows for leg length adjustment and 360° angle control of the non-operative foot.

Intuitive Design Opposite Leg Holder

Highly Configurable

Quick changeover between left and right legs, and precise control of non-operative leg abduction and adduction.

Opposite Leg Holder highly configurable

Simple Operation

The quick boot disconnect allows for swift patient setup in busy operating room environments.

*Same mechanism used on the PURIST

Opposite Leg Holder simple operation swift patient setup

Complete Your System

Add the Opposite Leg Holder to your ARCH or PURIST to improve patient setup and increase positioning accuracy and reliability. 

Opposite Leg Holder with PURIST and ARCH Leg Positioning System
Features Opposite Leg Holder
Opposite Leg Holder IOT Innovative Orthopedic Technologies

Max. inner leg length: 

43.3 in (110cm)


18.7 lb (8.5 kg)

Patient Weight Capacity:

500 lb (227 kg)*

*If the safe working load of the OR table used is lower than this, the OR table patient weight limit takes priority.

Specifications Opposite Leg Holder
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