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Knee Positioning System

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Swift, stable positioning for total knee replacement


No autoclaving, sterile consumables,
or moving parts


One device, six positions

The RAMP™ (patent pending/not available to all markets at this time) represents an innovative concept for positioning of the knee during total knee replacement surgery. The device is easily installed at the foot end of any standard OR table and below the sterile drape. The unique design allows the surgeon to change between six stable, precise foot positions without the need for a sterile boot or accompanying sterile rail mechanisms.

The RAMP™ is usually combined with a lateral support on the thigh, which leads to optimal stability in all six positions relevant for total knee replacement surgery. This ergonomic device is easy to set up and use, allows for swift, stable changes of precise knee flexion positions, and does not restrict leg movement for soft tissue assessment or computer navigation registration.

See our set up guide for more detailed info.


Completely unconstrained leg motion between all stabilized knee flexion positions (~55°, ~90°, ~115°, ~140°, ~150°*) allows for unrestricted soft tissue assessment and quick, easy dynamic registration for computer navigation. (*These angles are approximate. Exact angles depend on specific setup technique and vary from patient to patient.)

One Device – Six Positions


Improved Surgical Ergonomics

During TKA, the position of the knee changes frequently between the two extreme positions of flexion and extension.  The RAMP™ elevates the knee in full extension, reducing the total change in height of the surgical field during the procedure.


Optimized Pad Design

The flat, firm, proximal-facing pad surface provides stable positioning for the sole of the foot, while the soft, rounded distal side protects the Achilles tendon. The raised edges improve visibility of each pad location through the drape.

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(Cross Section View)

Easily Accessible Full Extension

Raised-foot design more easily enables full knee extension, especially for patients with larger thighs. 

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Simple Setup

The RAMP™ is quickly and easily secured to any standard OR table with two Velcro straps, allowing for quick setup and turnover.

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Specifications PURIST
IOT Contact Details and FAQ


0.75 ft (230 mm)

1.9 ft (600 mm)

0.6 ft (185 mm)

5.7 lb (2.6 kg)

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