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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IOT’s mission and vision?
    We aim to streamline surgical procedures, support measurable, reproducible patient positioning, and literally free the hands of the surgical team.
  • Where is IOT headquartered?
    IOT’s head office is based in Switzerland. Our American subsidiary is based in Winne, Texas.
  • Where are your products manufactured?
    The manufacturing plant is based in Switzerland.
  • Do you also manufacture or distribute your own hip implants?
    No. The PURIST and ARCH systems are not linked to any specific implant brand.
  • In which countries does IOT operate?
    We distribute our products in five continents, and we have satisfied users in markets such as the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia.
  • Do you also manufacture or distribute your own hip implants?
    No. The PURIST and ARCH systems are not linked to any specific implant brand.
  • Who are IOT’s founders?
    IOT was founded by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer and Managing Director Manfred Menzi.
  • Do you collaborate with surgeons for product development?
    Yes, our company was built on collaboration with surgeons. IOT originated from Dr. Stefan Kreuzer who saw the need to develop innovative patient positioning devices for anterior hip replacement. We are always interested in new ideas - please reach out here if you are interested in collaboration.
  • I am interested in working with or collaborating with IOT, what are the next steps?
    We are always looking to collaborate. Reach out here with some details and we will get back with you shortly.
  • Do the PURIST and/or ARCH systems use a femur hook with power lift to elevate the femur?
    No. Both the PURIST and ARCH systems use a femoral support under the patient’s thigh, which acts as a fulcrum to elevate the proximal end of the femur during leg extension. The perineal operative post, MP XRAYCER, and DAA Top 360 all have femoral supports with variable heights. Increasing the height of the femoral support will increase anterior movement of the proximal end of the femur during leg extension. Our DAA Top 360 tabletop accessory offers the widest range of femoral support height adjustment, and the height can be changed intraoperatively through the drape.
  • PURIST vs. ARCH, which product is best for me?
    It depends on surgeon preference and OR setting. We have PURIST and ARCH users who are very satisfied with the performance of their leg positioning system of choice. The PURIST is designed specifically for anterior hip replacement, and the ARCH can be used for anterior hip replacement and femoral fractures. PURIST Advantages Automatic traction release during extension Fast Track Hybrid System™ for simultaneous traction and rotation control, simplifying hip reduction and dislocation Smaller footprint Increased mobility Built-in drape holder All surgical functions can be completed by the PURIST operator in a standing position ARCH Advantages Stainless steel C-arch track fully constrains the leg during extension and adduction More total rotation and adduction available Easily accessible flexion movements Adduction and abduction possible at neutral extension For surgeons who are looking for a light, ergonomic, staff-friendly device - we usually recommend the PURIST. For surgeons who currently use full-size fracture tables and are looking for firm, sturdy control of the leg - we usually recommend the ARCH. However, this is highly variable and depends on individual surgeon preferences, staff familiarity with the anterior approach, surgical volume, geographic location, etc. Please reach out to us so we can get more information on your specific needs to make the best recommendation. United States Winnie, Texas +1 409 658 1017 International Baar, Switzerland +41 41 749 4099 ​
  • Can the PURIST or ARCH be used for hip arthroscopy?
    Neither the PURIST nor the ARCH is designed for hip arthroscopy.
  • Are the ARCH and the PURIST compatible with any surgical table?
    Pretty much. Over the last >10 years, we have had very few situations in which our accessories did not fit! Both our ARCH and PURIST systems are free-standing devices, and the accessories attach to the OR table siderails. Siderail dimensions can vary depending on the country, but this is not a problem. We offer various siderail attachments to fit various size siderails. Our accessories are currently used in markets with different size siderails such as the USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan. There is no need to pair our systems with a traction table. In fact, more basic OR tables such as the STERIS 5085 or Maquet Magnus are preferred because they have fewer metal structures that could interfere with intraoperative imaging.
  • What is the best way to set up the OR table when using the ARCH or PURIST?
    Follow all requirements of the OR table used. We recommend flipping the table orientation 180 degrees when possible so the long portion of the table base will be situated under the patient’s center of gravity. This usually provides increased stability. Ensure there is adequate clearance for the C-arm to maneuver into place. Watch the PURIST In-Service Video on the PURIST page or ARCH In-Service Video on the ARCH page for more info.
  • How are the ARCH and the PURIST classified in my country?
    According to MDR and FDA regulations, PURIST and ARCH are classified as class I medical devices.
  • What’s the difference between a Classic, New, and Hybrid ARCH?
    The Classic ARCH was the first-generation ARCH. It is all stainless steel and has two front wheels that do not rotate or lock. There are four separate ‘feet’ that can be individually locked to the floor by rotating a handle on each foot. This model has been discontinued. The New ARCH is the current model. Over 60% of the parts were redesigned to further improve reliability and functionality. These improvements include: - A redesigned chassis with 4 rotating, lockable castors for easier mobility and setup - A lighter c-arch for easier movements - A redesigned traction unit for optimal performance - Clearly marked height adjustment - Colored pull-pins for simplified instruction and use - An improved traction boot The Hybrid ARCH is a Classic ARCH c-arch (including sliding carriage) and traction unit, with a chassis and height setting device from the New ARCH.
  • What is the maximum patient weight for your devices?
    The PURIST, ARCH, MP XRAYCER, DAA Top 360, OLH, and POP are all designed for patient weights up to 500 lb (227 kg). However, if the patient weight limit of the OR table is lower than this, the table weight limit takes priority. Ensure to check the orientation of the OR table, as different orientations often have different weight limits. Always refer to the OR table user manual to ensure you are operating within their specifications.
  • Does the PURIST have patient height requirements?
    No, the PURIST does not have patient height requirements.
  • Does the ARCH have patient height requirements?
    Yes. The ARCH can accommodate patients between ~4’10” (147 cm) and ~6’8” (203 cm). As leg length and total height are not perfectly correlated, these are estimated heights.
  • What is the maximum patient height that the Opposite Leg Holder can accommodate?
    About 7’5” (226cm). As leg length and total height are not perfectly correlated, this is an estimated maximum height.
  • Do you have different traction boot sizes?
    Yes. The PURIST, ARCH, and Opposite Leg Holder (OLH) all come with a size medium boot in their standard configurations. We also offer a size small boot that can be purchased separately.
  • What is the footprint of the ARCH?
    80 cm (2’8”) x 158 cm (5’2”)
  • What is the footprint of the PURIST?
    61 cm (2’) x 91 cm (3’)
  • Is the black perineal post pad reusable?
    Yes, the black perineal post pad is designed to be reusable. It’s closed-pore design allows the sealed surface to be easily cleaned. However, we recommend replacement after every 10 cases.
  • Are the black femoral support pads on the POP and MP XRAYCER reusable?
    Yes, these femoral support pads are designed to be reusable. Their closed-pore design allows the sealed surface to be easily cleaned. However, we recommend replacement after every 10 cases.
  • Are consumables required?
    No. However, we offer a variety of consumable products that increase patient safety and efficiency. Find more info on our consumables here.
  • Is it possible to visit a center using the ARCH or PURIST?
    Please reach us out here to explore the opportunities in your region.
  • Can I trial your products?
    Yes, however the details of our trial process vary for different countries. Please reach out here to request more details on a trial in your region.
  • Can I rent an ARCH or PURIST for cadaver labs?
    Yes, however, we have limited units available for us in cadaver labs. Please reach out to us here for more details.
  • What is the price of the ARCH and PURIST systems?
    The ARCH and the PURIST systems are designed to be used with standard surgical tables. For this reason, both systems are more cost-effective than many other solutions on the market. The final price of course depends on the configuration and country. Please contact us for more information. We understand that swift and transparent pricing information is important in your decision making and we promise to provide you with a quick budgetary quote within 24 hours. We respect your privacy and will not continue to reach out if you are no longer interested in our products or being contacted.
  • Is it possible to lease or rent your products?
    We offer the possibility to rent and lease our products in our main markets. Please reach out to us here receive more information.
  • How is the PURIST shipped?
    The PURIST is shipped by standard carrier in 2-3 cardboard boxes.
  • How is the ARCH shipped?
    The ARCH is shipped via freight in a wooden crate.
  • How long does shipment take?
    United States ARCH: Transported by truck. Usually 2-5 days, delivery times may vary. PURIST: Ground or express (expedited) shipping. If you require expedited shipping, please indicate this on the PO. International PURIST: Usually by air courier. Depending on availability, units normally ship from our Swiss warehouse within 2-3 days.
  • Do you offer a warranty for your products?
    Yes, of course. The warranty services provided by IOT is indicated on our quotes and T&Cs.
  • Is it possible to extend the warranty?
    Yes, we offer the possibility extend the warranty at the time of purchase at affordable rates.
  • What is the service life of IOT products?
    The PURIST, ARCH, OLH, POP, MP XYRACYER, and DAA Top 360 were all designed for an expected service life of 10 years.
  • Does the PURIST require maintenance?
    Yes. After 3 years or 500 operations, we recommend servicing. Fortunately, the PURIST is modular, and service can be performed onsite and with ease. We offer 3 levels of service depending on the customers’ needs and how often the device is used. We will ship you all the necessary components, tools, and instructions to complete this service. If your PURIST is due for service, please reach out here.
  • If my PURIST system is damaged, what should I do?
    We know how important it is to limit downtime of a broken device! If a component on your PURIST is damaged, reach out to us here as soon as possible. With our Component Exchange Service, the solution comes first. After receiving your order, we will send you the replacement component you need as soon as possible (we usually can ship it on out the same day). If you chose our economical refurbished component program, you can then return the damaged component to IOT.
  • Can I replace a PURIST component myself?
    Yes. The PURIST is modular and consists of 7 main components. These components can be assembled, exchanged, and disassembled easily - all without tools.

Call or email us to learn more about our products.


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