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PURIST Leg Positoning System for DAA

The ARCH can be used for anterior approach hip replacement as well as femoral fractures. Since 2006, surgeons have relied on the ARCH for its wide range of positioning capabilities. Its patented design allows the leg to be maneuvered anywhere along the C-shaped track without altering traction.

Perineal Operative Post Hip and Leg counter-traction

PURIST Leg Positioning System™

The PURIST is designed specifically for anterior approach hip replacement. This next generation leg positioning system is designed to boost accuracy, efficiency, and surgeon control. Its quick setup, staff-friendly operation, and small footprint make the PURIST ideal for both hospitals and surgery centers.

IOT ARCH Positioning System with model for DAA

The Perineal Operative Post (POP) provides hip and leg counter-traction for surgical procedures performed in the supine position. The device was designed for 450 N of traction and includes carbon-fiber components for x-ray transparency.

The Opposite Leg Holder (OLH) provides counter traction and firm position control of the non-operative leg. With its modular design and intuitive functionality, the OLH allows swift installation on the side rails of any standard OR table.

Opposite Leg Holder firm position non-operative leg
DAA TOP 360.png

The DAA Tabletop 360 tabletop accessory improves surgical access and radiolucency when using a C-arm. The femoral support offers intraoperative adjustment of both height and lateral position to lift the proximal end of the femur for optimal exposure.

The MP XRAYCER tabletop improves surgical access and allows x-ray cassettes to be used with standard OR tables for full pelvic x-ray visualization during anterior THR. Leave the OR confident in your implant positioning.

MP XRAYCER surgical access x-ray
PURIST Drape patient safety THR

IOT consumables are designed for patient safety and improved OR efficiency. These include drapes specially designed for anterior THR, foam boot liners, single-use, dual-density perineal post pad, and perineal post covers. 



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