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MP XRAYCER Product Image

Improved visualization and surgical access during anterior hip replacement

off table_4x.png

Firmly holds an x-ray cassette under the patient's pelvis

Compatible with any standard OR table (US/EU/JPN/Denyer)

This tabletop accessory improves surgical access and allows x-ray cassettes to be used with standard OR tables for full pelvic x-ray visualization during anterior THR. Cutouts under the hip allow for soft-tissue fallout, easing surgical access to the acetabulum. The removable, adjustable femoral support offers four fulcrum height settings to lift the proximal end of the femur for optimal exposure.

x-ray with MP XRAYCER


Exceptional Visualization

The ratcheting x-ray cassette holder allows digital x-ray

cassettes to be swiftly and precisely positioned under the patient’s pelvis - enabling intraoperative, undistorted full pelvic x-rays.


Detail of MP XRAYCER™ 

Improved Acetabular Access

Cutouts under the hip allow for soft tissue fallout –easing surgical access to the acetabulum. 

Detail of MP XRAYCER™ with red arrows to demonstrate cutouts

Highly Configurable

The asymmetric femoral support provides 4 height settings – simply remove the support, rotate 90°, and reinstall to adjust height. This allows the surgeon to fine-tune the fulcrum point for femoral exposure. 

MP XRAYCER™  with red arrows to demonstrate how it is configurable
Surgeon Testmonial

To make [the ARCH] more effective yet, the addition of the MP XRAYCER makes sure you leave the OR 100% confident in your implant positioning, alignment, and leg lengths.


Austin McPhilamy, MD


MP XRAYCER for surgical access to the acetabulum

X-ray Cassette /Grid Assembly Max. Size: 

W: 450 mm L: 3 80 mm H: 20 mm

Femoral Support Height:

4 settings: 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, or 80 mm 


19.7 in (50 cm) 


41.7 in ( 106 cm) 


33 lb ( 15 kg} 

Patient Weight Capacity:

500 lb (227 kg)*

*If the safe working load of the OR table used is lower than this, the OR table patient weight limit takes priority.

Specifications MP XRAYCER
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