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Improved visualization and surgical access during anterior hip replacement


Intraoperative adjustment of femoral support height and lateral position

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Compatible with any standard OR table (US/EU/JPN/Denyer)

This tabletop accessory improves surgical access and radiolucency when using a C-arm. Cutouts under the hip allow for soft-tissue fallout, easing surgical access to the acetabulum. The femoral support offers intraoperative adjustment of both height and lateral position to lift the

proximal end of the femur for optimal exposure.


Adjustable Femoral Support

The height of the femoral support can be adjusted

intraoperatively through the drape. Keep it low while

working on the acetabulum, then raise it up before

moving to the femur.

*11 height settings available

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Improved Acetabular Access

Cutouts under the hip allow for soft tissue fallout –easing surgical access to the acetabulum. 

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Excellent Visualization

The carbon fiber tabletop and distal placement of the

perineal post support structures provide optimal

radiolucency when using a C-arm.


The pad thickness is optimized for patient stability, and a

section of softer padding near the patient’s tailbone

reduces possible pressure points.

Optimized Design

DAA Top 360

Femoral Support Height:

11 settings. -10 mm to +90 mm


19.7 in (50 cm)


41.1 in (104.5 cm)


28.7 lb (13 kg)

Patient Weight Capacity:

500 lb (227 kg)