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ARCH table extension



A leading solution for surgical access to the anterior hip, the ARCH Leg Positioning System has been used in the US since 2006 to assist with direct anterior hip replacement and femoral fractures. The free-standing design allows quick set-up and easy C-arm access with any OR table. The system consists of a patented arch-shaped leg-positioning track with incremental angle and traction control.

The ARCH can improve surgical accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency.

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Wide variety of positioning options

The rotating arc-shaped leg positioning track provides many options when positioning the operative leg.

*Position shown for left anterior THR

Setup for femoral fractures

The ARCH can be used for femoral fractures by turning the arc-shaped track sideways with both traction boots facing upward.



OR friendly design

The opposite leg holder, perineal operative post and other IOT accessories can be stored on the side rails of the ARCH for simplified setup and efficiency.


Overview for anterior total hip replacement