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The PURIST Leg Positioning System enables all essential leg movements for anterior THR in a condensed and efficient manner.

The PURIST Leg Positioning System (also known as the purist table, or purist table extension) is precise orthopedic device for anterior hip replacement. It negates the need for large fracture tables and can be used with general surgical tables. This anterior hip device offers greater mobility and precision compared to competitors like the Medacta AMIS, Mizuho OSI Hana, and the Schaerer Medical RotexTable Extension by Condor.


The PURIST enables all essential leg movements for anterior THR in a condensed and efficient manner. It is built to perform independent DA THR movements on a graduated scale - and its enhanced design allows the surgeon to control traction and rotation intra-operatively with precision and without help from non-sterile personnel.

Its quick setup, staff-friendly operation, and small footprint make the PURIST popular with busy OR teams.

Combine the PURIST with any standard OR table to build a superior leg positioning system.

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The PURIST traction unit offers superior precision compared to other fracture tables and positioners on the market. It’s patented design releases traction during leg extension and automatically restores traction at 0 degrees extension.

Measurable, Reproducible positioning

  1. Gross and Fine Traction measurable in mm on the same scale - up to 130mm

  2. Rotation up to 180 degrees w/ adduction

  3. Adduction / Abduction up to 40 degrees

  4. Full extension available.

*Patented design releases traction during leg extension and automatically restores traction at 0 degrees extension.

The PURIST rotation function allows up to 180 degrees of external rotation in increments of 10 degrees. The black pin within the red handle is a boot quick connect, allowing for swift range-of-motion testing and simple patient setup.

enhanced control

Fast Track Hybrid System provides simultaneous traction and rotation functionality, which simplifies dislocating and reducing the hip.

Quick disconnects on both the operative and non-operative traction boots allow for quick patient setup and simple range-of-motion testing.


The storage rails of the PURIST hold the opposite leg holder and perineal operative post, allowing surgeons to flip rooms quickly and easily.

OR friendly design

The opposite leg holder, perineal operative post, and other accessories are stored on the PURIST. The total system footprint is only 2’ x 3’. The PURIST can be quickly moved from one OR to another, enabling back-to-back surgeries and maximizing OR efficiency.

The PURIST cover keeps the device clean when not in use, and can protect it from bumps and scrapes in medical storage rooms in hospitals and surgery centers. The cover also has a clear zipper compartment for simple storage of educational materials and user manuals.




“The next-generation leg positioning device is designed to boost efficiency and surgeon control throughout the anterior THR procedure. The PURIST does everything I need it to do for my anterior hip surgeries and it does it in a very elegant and efficient way.”

Stefan Kreuzer, MD (Designing Surgeon and Founder of IOT) INOV8 Orthopedics Houston, TX USA

“In our test of the PURIST Leg Positioning System, we like its compact design that is compatible with any OR table and completely free standing. The PURIST is easy to operate by an OR nurse after a short 2 minute instruction. The device achieves all necessary leg positions easily and reproducibly.”

Dr. Laurent Clairbois Clinique Saint-Pierre Ottignies Belgium

“The PURIST is a dynamic, streamlined traction device that gives the user positive usable feedback while being simple and easy to use.”

Craig Waller, MD Macquarie University Clinic Macquarie University, NSW Australia

"I have been using the PURIST leg positioning system for the past few years at both hospitals in our community. I routinely do my total hips DA, and the PURIST is my preferred means of positioning.  Use of the PURIST is quick and easy, and it has a very small footprint which makes for expeditious room set-up and turnover.  I have used other positioning devices, including having extensive experience with the ARCH system.  After using the PURIST, I am spoiled.  It is simple, reliable, and in my opinion, indispensable for efficient OR work flow."

David R. Dietrich, MD Northwest Medical Center, Oro Valley Hospital Tucson, AZ USA

“In my test of the PURIST Leg Positioning System, I found the PURIST to be an efficient and reliable leg positioning device that offers good femoral access. Compared to other systems I know, the PURIST is easy to setup, easy and safer to use.”

Dr Xavier Collard CHU Ambroise Paré Mons Belgium