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PURIST Leg Positioning System – Designed for Anterior THR

The PURIST is the next generation of leg positioning device designed specifically for anterior Total Hip Replacement.

Over the last decade, anterior THR has gained widespread acceptance. Today, skilled and experienced surgeons with improved understanding of the requirements for efficient leg positioning and surgical exposure are trying to unburden their OR teams from sometimes cumbersome specialty trauma tables used to perform anterior approach THR.

The PURIST is designed to boost efficiency and surgeon control throughout the anterior THR procedure. It enables all essential leg movements necessary for anterior THR in a condensed and efficient manner. Its unique design allows the surgeon to control rotation, gross and fine traction intra-operatively.

Equipped with Swiss precision and an ergonomically-shaped design, the PURIST offers many clinical, operational and logistical advantages. Its quick setup, easy and safe handling and small footprint make the PURIST popular with busy OR-teams.

“The next-generation leg positioning device is designed to boost efficiency and surgeon control throughout the anterior THR procedure. The PURIST does everything I need it to do for my anterior hip surgeries and it does it in a very elegant and efficient way.”
Stefan Kreuzer, MD | Houston, Texas

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