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IOT Leg Positioning Systems 

Hip Implant for increased efficiency during DAA
Practical for Ambulatory Surgery Centers and hospitals
DAA Traction table
Competitive Price Surgical Hip and Leg Positioner

Increased efficiency and accuracy during DAA

Ideal for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC's)

Compatible with any standard OR table

Competitive pricing

With many anterior hip cases moving from hospitals to ambulatory surgery centers (ASC's), the need for efficient and accurate positioning devices is growing.  Surgery centers have limited room and resources, and positioning devices should adapt to this environment. Our leg positioning solutions streamline procedures, support repeatability, and literally free the hands of the surgical team. 

Comparison Leg Positioning Solutions DAA


Hear from the experts

Surgeons discuss why they use the ARCH Leg Positioning System. 

Duration 9.58

Why we use the PURIST Leg Positioning System
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